I am only an Arrow


‘You that give life to this planet. You that transcends logic, come, I am only an arrow.’- RUMI

In 2022 I wrote a piece for the BBC Proms called 'A Thought on Futures'. The Proms asked the question, ‘What will happen to humanity over the next 100 years?’

I felt that if we speak to truth, we know there is a need for change, in all aspects of our lives. It is within each one of us to see the future and to find our way back home.

The piece moves between life on earth today with all the issues we face as humanity with the possibility of a better way forward as we move towards 2122.

It was premiered at the  BBC Proms on 30th July, 2022 by the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Alice Farnham with Zoe Brookshaw, Soprano.

The Words for 'A Thought on Futures'.

Speak the truth, Light the way, Onward, You and I, Find the way

Create a soul, Speak to truth, Find the way, Going back home, Silence is broken, You and I, Going back home

Speak the truth, You and I, Going back home

I came across the poet and painter Etel Adnan. I loved her prose for the Serpentine Gallery, London 2020 - focused on their fiftieth-anniversary event looking at the future of the earth. I feel it gives a similar message, and would definitely recommend a read!


'I wish we could get back the natural rhythms of the world. We live by natural lights. We can rise just when the birds start to sing. Then go to bed with the sun. Sink into our dreams. If we need more time, use candles, like Plato must have done in his philosopher's cave. Back to earth may well mean back to shadows. Follow with our eyes the flickering of shadows on the walls. We will need more bees than electric planets. I will root for candle lights and sunshine. That will be a good start.

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